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Digital Pressure Gauges / Meters

Specially designed for high-end supporting high-standard customers, and developed and manufactured jointly by a foreign company and us, intelligent digital pressure gauge serves as a pressure measurement instrument controlled by a high-accuracy microprocessor, which utilizes the low-power signal processor to send pressure signal to the microprocessor. The pressure sensor adopted is Jiucheng made high-accuracy and high-stability product that is compatible with electric devices of the intelligent pressure gauge.This intelligent digital pressure gauge is equipped with a large-size LCD display and high-brightness LED digital display, with such functions as zero clearing, backlight, startup & shutdown, unit switching and low voltage alarm.
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LCD Digital Display Pressure Gauge

Hydraulic / Oil / Barometer Pressure Meter

Vacuum Digital Pressure Gauge

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Engineering Machinery

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems

Pumps and Compressors


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Pipeline Pressure Measurement

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