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Differential Pressure Transmitters / Sensors

Designed with high-quality components from a foreign company, JC630 micro differential pressure / air pressure transmitter adopts the circuit of normalized design and assembly process as well as unique sensor stress isolation technology, to convert the differential pressure signal of the measured medium into 4~20mA or 1~5V DC standard signal through temperature compensation and high-stability amplification process. High-quality sensor, circuit of normalized design, superb encapsulation technology as well as improved assembling process ensure superior quality and best performance of this product. This series product is specially designed for industrial and civil OEM customers, for which new cost performance standard has been established.
JC631 differential pressure transmitter adopts foreign-made differential pressure sensitive chips and special transducer integrated circuits as well as high-performance keycomponents and strict production process to ensure that this series product features superior performance, small dimensions and easy installation. Therefore, it is the optimum choice for micro differential pressure, flow field, flow rate, and flow measurement.
JC3051 intelligent differential pressure transmitter is a new type of instrument researched and developed by our company according to international advanced technology combined with many domestic technologies. This instrument adopts micro-processing technology for temperature characteristic and non-linear compensation, thus having greatly enhanced the measurement accuracy of the instrument, improved the temperature characteristic and expanded the turndown ratio. Besides, intelligent functions can be added, which further meets the requirements of high reliability and high stability of the instrument at the industrial sites. The adoption of digital technology in the capacitive pressure / differential pressure transducer not only ensures high reliability of the instrument and other superior performance, but also realizes the remote digital connection between the intelligent instrument and the control room to ensure rapid and reliable communication. The control room can remotely enquire into or make a real–time configuration of the transducer. The sensitive elements of this intelligent transducer are the same as those of general JC1151 series of capacitive transducers and featured by stability and reliability.
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Industrial Process Control

Purification Equipment and Cleaning Engineering

Hearth Pressure or Hearth Negative Pressure


Medical Instrument

Leak Detection System

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