Wastewater Level Transducer


Wastewater Level Transducer Overview:

As a new liquid level measurement series product, wastewater level transducer is specially designed for measuring sea water level and viscous & corrosive liquid level by completely using the latest state-of-the-art technology. The use of titanium alloy large flush-diaphragm sensors, advanced manufacturing and encapsulating techniques, as well as high–accuracy electronic elements has greatly enhanced service life and comprehensive performance of the product. The use of internationally state-of-the-art ceramic capacitive sensors, dry pressure measuring technology with intermediate liquid, thick-film electronic technology, surface mount technology (SMT) and PFM signal transmission technology has given full play to technical advantages of ceramic capacitive sensors, with strong corrosion, overloading and impact resistance capabilities, high stability, and quite high measuring accuracy. This wastewater level sensor can be extensively used in many measurement and control fields of such corrosive and viscous liquid levels as sea water level.


Wastewater Level Transducer


Wastewater Level Sensor Features

*Strong corrosive resistance
*Large flush-diaphragm design and good block resistance
*A wide range of measurement from micro pressure 0.5m to high pressure 200m.
*Strong overloading and impact resistance capacity, with overpressure up to dozens of times to hundreds of times of the measuring range.
*Wastewater level sensor adoption of imported ceramic capacitive sensors, with strong signal output, high overall accuracy and good stability.
*Small temperature drift due to intermediate liquid canceled for measuring elements.


Wastewater Level Transducer

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