What kinds of pressure sensors are suitable for dangerous environment?


Pressure sensor types applicable in dangerous environment

Key words: pressure sensor, explosion-proof sensor, dangerous environment.
The definition of hazardous environment includes petroleum, natural gas, chemical engineering and process industries. To ensure safety, sensors used in hazardous environments must be specially designed to suit their application environment.
1. Intrinsic safety sensor
Intrinsically safe (IntrinsicallySafe, IS) sensors are not enough to generate enough energy to cause unsafe factors in specific environments. Usually, the safety fence is used to design the circuit. When any fault occurs, the current flowing through the circuit can be limited by its flow and energy. A passive safety barrier can set up a protection mechanism to prevent overvoltage and current limitation.

Two. Explosion-proof sensor
The explosion-proof sensor is used to control the explosion in the equipment. A non combustible sensor is placed in an explosion-proof enclosure. If an accident occurs, a volumetric container can withstand expected reactivity to prevent further expansion of the explosive force or fire.
Three. System sensor
The system sensor uses a systematic method of mixing some inert gases (such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc.) to separate sensors and other equipment from each other in dangerous areas. Eliminate the entry of combustible materials. In this way, a closed system makes it possible for the combustible material to exist, so as to achieve safe production.

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