• JC60 Anti-explosion Pressure Transmitter
  • JC60 Anti-explosion Pressure Transmitter
  • JC60 Anti-explosion Pressure Transmitter


NAME:JC60 Anti-explosion Pressure Transmitter

JC60 anti-explosion pressure transmitter is an industrial measuring instrument that is modular in design and meets global OEM standards. The series is stable and reliable, and has excellent cost performance.

JC60 Anti-explosion Pressure Transmitter Description:

JC60 anti-explosion pressure transmitter is an industrial measuring instrument that is modular in design and meets global OEM standards. The series is stable and reliable, and has excellent cost performance. It is rugged and durable to meet the requirements of more stringent industrial standards. It is widely used in industrial support, industry support and equipment support. The series includes a variety of options, which are applied to different industries and different working conditions. It solves the needs for economic pressure monitoring in different occasions and serves a wide range of industries.

JC60 anti-explosion pressure transmitter is an ultra-small explosion-proof pressure sensor, which is different from the shortcomings of excessive explosion-proof and inconvenient to install. At the same time, the safety considerations are also considered. Sputter film technology is used in all ranges over 6bar. The stainless steel all-welded structure completely isolates the pressure chamber from the electronics chamber, improving safety and extending product life. All-welded stainless steel diaphragm technology is also used below 6 bar. This series provides two types of intrinsically safe explosion-proof Ex iaIICT6 and isolation explosion-proof Ex dIICT6, which can be single or fully selected according to site requirements.

EX-explosion-proof grades according to Ex iaIICT6 and ATEX can be used in the following hazardous environments: gas, steam and fog: connected to zone 0, zone 1, zone 2, dust: connected to zone 20, zone 21, zone 22, mining zone: M1 and M2 type. This type of pressure transmitter is made up of an intrinsically safe barrier or a standard Zener diode input voltage of 10…30V and an output signal of 4…20mA two wires.

Isolation explosion-proof Ex dIICT6,providing a threaded interface to the customer for provide an explosion-proof hose for connect G1/2 internal threads, and the electric cable protection must be considered when installing the sensor.

JC60 Anti-explosion Pressure Transmitter Features:

* Wide measuring range: 0~35KPa…150MPa
* Intrinsically safe explosion-proof Ex iaIICT6, isolation explosion-proof Ex dIICT6
* Smart size, all stainless steel welded structure
* IP67 and above protection level, moisture and moisture proof
* Accuracy is 0.5% FS (typical) for industry standards
* Explosion-proof design, safe and reliable, high strength, anti-vibration

JC60 Anti-explosion Pressure Transmitter Application:

* Petrochemical equipment and control system
* Mining equipment and control system
* Ship equipment and control system
* Natural gas, shale gas equipment and control systems
* Other explosion-proof hydraulic and pneumatic equipment and control systems

Size and Outline:

JC60 Anti-explosion Pressure Transmitter

Electrical Connections:

Description PG7 Grand lock head outlet
1m Shielded cable
A type Hessman Plug M12x1 Aviation plug
Straight out or Corner out 1m unshielded cable
Code W1 W2 W3/W4
Diagram JC60 Anti-explosion Pressure Transmitter JC60 Anti-explosion Pressure Transmitter JC60 Anti-explosion Pressure Transmitter
Protection Grade IP67 IP65 IP67
Ambient Temperature -40~85℃ -40~85℃ -40~85℃
Current output wiring definition RED:V+
Voltage output wiring definition RED:V+
Current output wiring diagram JC60 Anti-explosion Pressure Transmitter
Voltage output wiring diagram JC60 Anti-explosion Pressure Transmitter

Performance Parameter:

Measuring Range 0~35KPa…150MPa
Overload Capability 200%FS(range<6Bar)  300%FS(range≥6Bar)
Burst Pressure 300%FS(range<6Bar)  500%FS(range≥6Bar,limit1800Bar)
Durability ﹥1×107 cycle(P:10~90%FS)
Pressure Type Gauge / Absolute
Measuring medium Gas or liquid compatible with 17-4/316 stainless steel
Response time ≤4ms
Resolution 0.01%FS
Accuracy (linear,hysteresis, repeatability) Typical:±0.5%FS Maximum:±1%FS
Long-term stability Typical:±0.2%FS Maximum:±0.3%FS
Zero temperature drift Typical:±0.02%FS/℃ Maximum:±0.05%FS/℃
Sensitivity temperature drift Typical:±0.02%FS/℃ Maximum:±0.05%FS/℃

Environmental Conditions:

Medium Temperature -40~100℃
Ambient Temperature -40~85℃
Compensation Temperature -10~70℃
Storage temperature -30~105℃
Vibration resistance 20g(<6bar); 10g(≥6bar)        IEC 60068-2-2
Impact resistance 500g(<6bar); 200g(≥6bar)      IEC 60068-2-27
Intrinsically safe explosion Ex iaⅡCT6 Ga   Power supply with Zener barrier(in case of excessive current, instantaneous blow fuse)
Ui=28VDC,  Ii=93mA,  Pi=0.65W, Ci=42nF, Li=0mH
Isolation explosion protection Ex dⅡCT6 Gb
The sensor cable is connected to the explosion-proof hose to prevent the cable from being pulled and shorted
Cable protection Electrode reverse protection and short circuit protection
Insulation resistance ﹥100MΩ(100V)
Shell Protection Cable type(IP67)   Compliance IEC 60529 standard
Certification CE

Electrical Specifications:

Code Standard signal (with short circuit protection) Supply voltage with polarity protection Power supply- Current Load(R) Output Impendence
A1 4~20mA DC 9~30V Max.25mA R≤(U-9)/0.02Ω
V1 1~5V DC DC 9~30V 8mA R≥50kΩ <2kΩ


Interface and housing Stainless Steel 304L
Sensor Diaphragm Stainless Steel 316L (range<6Bar) /17-4PH Stainless Steel (range≥6Bar)
Weight Approx.200g
JC60 G 040B A1 F2 W1 ED
Model Pressure type Pressure range Output Mounting thread Electrical connections Explosion-proof Grade






035K =35KPa G
070K=70KPa G
001B=1bar G/A
002B=2bar G/A
004B=4bar G/A
006B=6bar G/A
010B=10bar G/A
016B=16bar G/A
025B=25bar G/A
040B=40bar G
060B=60bar G
100B=100bar G
160B=160bar G
250B=250bar G
400B=100bar G
600B=600bar G
01KB=1000bar G
15KB=1500bar G
F1=M20x1.5 male
F2=G1/4 male
W1=Straight Out 1m
W2=A type HSM plug
W3=M12 corner out 1m
W4=M12 straight out 1m
E=Ex iaIICT6

Model example: JC60G040BA1F2W1ED
(JC60 Anti-explosion Pressure Transmitter; Range 0~4MPa Gauge; Output 4~20mA; Accuracy 0.5% typical; Power Supply 9~30VDC;Pressure Connection G1/4 male thread; Electrical Connection straight Out 2m cable; Intrinsically safe Ex iaII CT6 ; Flameproof Ex dII CT6 ;Special instruction: 010B=10bar G/A, G/A stands for gauge and absolute pressure, G gauge, A absolute)

Remarks: It can be customized if the order quantity exceeds a certain amount. Please contact the salesengineers for details.

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