pressure sensors
pressure transducer
Ceramic pressure sensor
Diffusion Silicon Pressure Sensor
Ceramic Capacitive Pressure Sensor
Temperature Sensor
Pressure Sensor
  • Vacuum Pressure Transmitter
  • Differential Pressure Transmitter
  • Liquid Level Transmitter
  • High Frequency Transmitter
  • Pressure Gauge & Switch

Recommend Pressure Transmitters

Jiucheng specializes in the design and manufacture of sensor transmitters based on your technical requirements, high stability and accuracy for a variety of applications. Series pressure transmitters include: high frequency pressure transmitter, liquid level transmitter, vacuum pressure transmitter, differential pressure transmitter, anti corrosion pressure transmitter, high temperature pressure transmitter, digital display pressure transmitter, etc.

Pressure Sensors and Transmitters Application
Pressure sensors and pressure transmitters have been widely used in aerospace, military, petroleum, chemical, power plants, automation equipment manufacturing, medical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries.
oil industry pressure sensor
Oil Industry
paper industry pressure transmitter
Paper Industry
smart factory pressure sensor
Smart Factory
intelligent city pressure transmitter
Intelligent City
electric power industry pressure sensor
Power Industry
new energy pressure transmitter
New Energy
metallurgical industry pressure sensor
steel industry pressure transmitter
Steel Industry
medical industry pressure transmitter
Medical Industry
chemical factory pressure sensor
Chemical Factory
heavy machinery pressure transmitter
Heavy Machinery
transportation pressure sensor
environment pressure transmitter
medicine pressure sensor
food and beverage pressure transmitter
Transmitter FAQ
Hastelloy Level Transmitter Overview: Hastelloy level transmitter is a pressure transmitter that measures liquid leve……
HDPE Level Sensor Industry Status Quo: The HDPE level sensor is a pressure sensor that measures level. HDPE Leve……
HDPE Level Transducer Introduction: HDPE Level Transducer Introduction is HDPE level transducer (static pressure leve……

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