JC-CZ15 Oil Injection Pressure Transducer


JC-CZ15 Oil Injection Pressure Transducer Introduction:

JC-CZ15 oil injection pressure transducer are based on piezoresistive silicon pressure sensors packaged in a 316L stainless steel housing. The sensing package utilizes silicon oil to transfer pressure from the 316L diaphragm to the sensing element.

JC-CZ15 pressure transducer is a small profile sensor, designed for pressure port welding or o-ring mounting. Each sensor was strictly temperature compensated for both zero and span.
There are two options of excitation power — current and voltage. We can also provide port welded sensor(JC-CZ17).

JC-CZ15 Oil Injection Pressure Transducer

JC-CZ15 Oil Injection Pressure Sensor Features:

* Low cost OEM
* Pressure range:0-100Kpa…7Mpa
* Wide operable temperature range -40-125℃
* Compatible with corrosive media
* Small profile and easily to be welded
* Typical output:0-100mV

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