Description of HM60 Anti-explosion Pressure Transducer


HM60 Anti-explosion Pressure Transducer Overview:

HM60 series of anti-explosion pressure transducer is specially designed for high-explosion dangerous site. It can provide stable and accurate measurement at an absolute pressure, gauge pressure and differential pressure of liquid or gas medium from -100KPa to 200MPa. It welds the existing multi -crystalline silicon film sensing element of Jiucheng with the enclosure using welding technology and can be customized rapidly according to the regulations to meet the individualized needs of different users. With built-in amplification circuit and diversified structural forms, it can be equipped with M 20 x 1.5 or G1 / 2 internal thread explosion-proof flexible tube connector. Featured by good performance, small size and flexible design, HM60 series anti-explosion pressure transducer has the advantages of a very high ratio of performance to cost and long service life compared with traditional explosion-proof transducer . It is widely used in oilfield, mining well, chemical, electric power, boiler, natural gas and other fields.

HM60-E type pressure transducer is an intrinsically safe explosion-proof pressure transducer , with explosion- proof marking of Ex iaII CT6 and explosion-proof conformity certificate number of CNEx07.0988. It boasts stable and reliable performance supporting the use of repetitive-use type safety energy limiter or safety barrier.

HM60-D type pressure transducer is a flameproof pressure transducer , with explosion-proof marking of Ex dIICT6 and explosion-proof conformity certificate number of CNEx08.2405. HM60-ED type is an intrinsically safe flameproof pressure transducer , with explosion -proof marking of Ex iaII CT6 and Ex dII CT6. It is safe and reliable and simple and convenient to operate, without the installation of safety barrier when installed and used.

HM60 Anti-explosion Pressure Transducer

HM60 Anti-explosion Pressure Transducer Features:

* Intrinsically safe and flameproof certification: Ex iaII CT6, Ex dII CT6
* Measuring range: -100KPa~0~200Pa…100KPa…200MPa
* Gauge pressure, absolute pressure and differential pressure are available
* Explosion – proof design, safe and reliable
* Adoption of explosion-proof genuine HELM multi – crystalline silicon film chip, with stable and reliable performance and long service life
* Reverse polarity and over-voltage protection of power supply
* Strong anti-interference and immunity to vibration and excellent long -term stability

Jiucheng Pressure Transmitter from China, we can customize the anti-explosion pressure transducer you need based on the situation and technical requirements you use.

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