Description of HM50 Anti-Corrosive Pressure Transducer


HM50 Anti-Corrosive Pressure Transducer Overview:

HM50 anti-corrosive pressure transducer adopts foreign high-performance anti-corrosive tantalum diaphragm force-sensing chip, supported with high-precision electronic element. It is assembled through strict process flow. Featured by strong corrosive and wear resistance etc, this series of product has very well solved the pressure measurement problems of strong and weak corrosive gas or liquid under domestic special applications.This series of pressure transducer can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, electric power, environmental protection and other fields to automatically measure and control the gauge pressure, absolute pressure and negative pressure of corrosive gas, liquid, and vapor.

HM50 Anti-Corrosive Pressure Transducer

HM50 Anti-Corrosive Pressure Transducer Features:

*Tantalum diaphragm piezoresistive chip, with very strong corrosive resistance
*Resistant to impact, vibration and wear
*High accuracy: 0.25% FS 0.5%FS
*Good stability: ≤0.2% FS / year, ≤0.02% FS / ℃
*Without production process pollution; without any force transmission filling liquid
*The enclosure can be made of PVC, titanium alloy or PTFE, depending on the customer’s medium corrosion.

Jiucheng Pressure Transmitter from China, we can customize the anti-corrosive pressure transducer you need based on the situation and technical requirements you use.

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