Description of HM27 Vacuum Pressure Sensor


HM27 Vacuum Pressure Sensor Overview:

As a new series product specially used for vacuum measurement and control, HM27 vacuum pressure sensor has completely solved the problem of difficult vacuum measurement. This series product has three specifications, i.e. HM27G negative pressure sensor , HM27A absolute pressure sensor and HM27CA capacitor thin-film absolute pressure sensor , which have widely been used in such fields as pharmaceutical, medical equipment, airspace and aerospace, scientific research, leakage detection and completed automation equipment fields.

HM27A absolute pressure sensor adopts such advanced foreign new high technologies as absolute pressure chips, temperature automatic compensation, and normalized circuit debugging etc., to expand the absolute pressure range to 5KPa at the minimum, and to greatly enhance the overall accuracy of the product. Characterized by advanced technology, superior performance, reliable quality and small volume, this product has quite obvious advantages in high cost performance by comparison with domestic similar absolute pressure products.

HM27 Vacuum Pressure Sensor

HM27 Vacuum Pressure Sensor Feature:

*Fully provided with foreign high- accuracy sensing elements, with the maximum accuracy of up to 0.1% FS
* Continuously operable for a long time, with good long- term stability
*Applicable for measuring corrosive medium according to special requirements
*Strong overloading resistibility. Fast response. Stable and reliable performance
*Applicable for hazardous areas, with intrinsically safe explosion-proof type Ex ia II CT5
*With structural diversification, the product can be designed in an individualized manner as per customers’ special requirements

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