Description of HM23 Air Compressor Parts Pressure Transducer


HM23 Air Compressor Parts Pressure Transducer Overview:

HM23 series of pressure transmitters is specially designed for accurate measurement of pressure for air conditioners, refrigeration and compressors as well as hydraulic system, including multiple refrigerants, mixture of refrigerant and lubricant, oil, water and gas etc..

HM23 Air Compressor Parts Pressure Transducer

HM23 Air Compressor Parts Pressure Transducer Features:

*The built-in stabilizer can make the product applicable to any unadjusted power supply within a certain range.
*Solid structure and effective moisture-proof protection can ensure that the sensor may be installed and operated in very harsh environment.
*Wide-range temperature compensation can effectively reduce the influence of ambient temperature and the temperature of measuring medium on the transducer
*Excellent long-term stability.
*Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) protection meeting the relevant requirements of IEC.

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