Description of HM20 General-purpose Pressure Transducer


HM20 General-purpose Pressure Transducer Overview:

Specially designed for industrial and civil OEM customers, HM20 general-purpose pressure transducer has been researched, developed and manufactured by our company. By introducing European state-of-the-art sensor technology, strict product quality standard and rationalized product manufacturing technology, we have established the new cost performance standard for this type of products.
HM20 general-purpose pressure transducer has been produced with proprietary technology. Imported silicon sensitive elements as well as circuits and assembly technology designed in a normalized way to guarantee the advancement, practicality and quality stability of our products. This standard product may extensively be used in various places. Under the precondition of ensuring quantity and application, Our design team can re-design or improve the product to meet special requirements arising during application according to users’ specific requirements.

HM20 general-purpose pressure transducer

HM20 General-purpose Pressure Transducer Features:

*High cost performance, specially designed and produced for OEM customers
*Silicon sensitive elements imported from Germany have excellent corrosion, impact, overloading, vibration and wear resistance performance.
*A wide range of operating temperature, high overall measuring accuracy, and good long–term stability
*Normalized design and production ensure the advancement, practicality and quality stability of our products
*Wide pressure range: From vacuum to 100MPa, with a positive and negative gauge pressure range

HM20 General-purpose Pressure Transducer Application:

*Equipment automation
*Engineering machinery
*Medical equipment
*Pump and compressor
*Energy and water treatment system
*Testing jig
*Agricultural mechanical equipment
*Internal combustion engine
*Locomotive braking system
*Hydraulic and pneumatic system
*Air conditioning unit and refrigeration equipment

Jiucheng Pressure Transmitter from China, we can customize the general-purpose pressure transducer you need based on the situation and technical requirements you use.

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