High Frequency Pressure Transducer


High Frequency Pressure Transducer Description:

JC90 high frequency pressure transmitter is an industrial measuring instrument that is modular in design and meets global OEM standards. The series is stable and reliable, and has excellent cost performance. It is rugged and durable to meet the requirements of more stringent industrial standards. It is widely used in industrial support, industry support and equipment support. The series includes a variety of options, which are applied to different industries and different working conditions. It solves the needs for economic pressure monitoring in different occasions and serves a wide range of industries.

High Frequency Pressure Transducer

JC90 high frequency pressure transducer is designed and manufactured by the company using special technology. This high frequency pressure sensor is designed and manufactured by advanced MEMS technology. Three-dimensional integrated double-sided silicon piezoresistive pressure sensitive components through the ion implantation, fine lithography technology of the Wheatstone bridge, through silicon-silicon bonding technology, inverted V-slot design to make products with high sensitivity and dynamic characteristics. This principle design ensures the dynamic characteristics of the natural frequency of 500KHz and the measurement stability of the product, followed by the special high-frequency digital calibration circuit, which can convert the change of the pressure amount into a linear corresponding standard electrical signal, such as 4-20mA, 0-5V, etc., while ensuring the accuracy of the measurement.

High Frequency Pressure Sensor Application:

* High speed oil pump test
* Testing of high speed valves
* Engine pressure dynamics detection
* Locomotive test bench,
* Hydraulic and pneumatic dynamic test bench
* Petroleum, chemical industry equipment
* Medical equipment
* Other equipment and systems for dynamic pressure measurement

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