Description of HM21 Liquid Level Transmitter


HM21 Liquid Level Transmitter Overview:

The measurement of water or liquid level using hydrostatic equilibrium system is an important application of pressure sensors. The high–sensitivity silicon piezoresistive sensitive element fabricated with micromachining technology is the critical component of the liquid level transmitter , supported with the special cable provided with an air tube as well as special water-tightness technology, which not only ensures the water tightness of immersion transducers, but also makes the reference pressure chamber connect with the ambient atmosphere, so as to attain accurate measurement results and excellent stability. HM21 liquid level transmitter adopts the internationally advanced dry ceramic capacitive sensor or temperature-compensating isolation diaphragm diffused silicon pressure sensor as a sensing element to greatly enhance operating performance of the product. Liquid level transmitter can be extensively used for the measurement and control of water and liquid levels in petroleum, chemical, power generation plant, urban water supply & drainage and hydrologic exploration fields, etc..

HM21 Liquid Level Transmitter

HM21 Liquid Level Transmitter Features:

* Split structure: The section of the sensor thrown into the liquid is of fully–sealed stainless steel structure, wherein the enclosure of the electronic circuit is of cast aluminum structure for easy alignment & adjustment and wiring.
*Integrated structure: Both the sensor and the amplified circuit are provided in the fully–sealed enclosure made of stainless steel, without external alignment and adjustment.
*The enclosure of the sensor is designed with IP68 and the junction box is designed with IP65.
*This product takes the high–performance pressure sensor as the measuring element, with high accuracy, small dimensions, easy operation, strong antijamming capability, high reliability, good stability, high sensitivity, water resistance and anti-condensation.
*The product is of free maintenance, as well as easy installation and commissioning. It can be directly thrown into the water to measure the height of liquid level from the transducer end to the liquid surface.

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