Description of HM10 high precision pressure sensor


Product overview

HM10 high precision piezoresistive pressure sensor is made up of the advanced silicon pressure resistance sensor of German HeLM company to assemble and debug in the stainless steel shell. The shell and interface materials are stainless steel, the medium is compatible, the performance is stable and reliable, the precision is high, and the seal face seal is sealed.

Product features
Measurement range: -0.1MPa~0~10kPa… 70MPa
All stainless steel structure
Standard thread pressure measurement method
Power supply of constant current source and constant pressure source
Laser resistance compensation zero point and full temperature performance
Choose solid state piezoresistive pressure sensor, high reliability and high precision.
It is small in size and varied in structure.

Product application
Pressure measurement of various dynamic, static and liquid media
Aeronautics and Astronautics pressure control
Industrial measurement of ventilation system

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