• JC-CS01 Ceramic Pressure Sensor
  • JC-CS01 Ceramic Pressure Sensor
  • JC-CS01 Ceramic Pressure Sensor
  • JC-CS01 Ceramic Pressure Sensor
  • JC-CS01 Ceramic Pressure Sensor


NAME:JC-CS01 Ceramic Pressure Sensor (0~2bar…0~600bar, 30V DC, 3mV/V)

* Excellent long-term stability can be directly integrated into the circuit * Direct amplification circuit in the system * Compact structure、easy to package * Pressure、temperature sensor

JC-CS01 Ceramic Pressure Sensor Introduction

JC-CS01 ceramic pressure sensor are made with a ceramic cell and work following the piezoresistive principle. The Wheatstone bridge is screen printed directly on one side of the ceramic diaphragm by means of Thick Film technology. The diaphragm’s opposite side can be exposed directly to the medium to be measured. Because of the Al2O3 ceramic excellent chemical resistance (aggressive gases, most of solvents and acids, etc.), no additional protection is normally required. Thanks to the reinforced outer area (monolithic structure), the sensor can be mounted directly in a plastic or metallic case by using O-ring.

JC-CS01 ceramic pressure sensor are designed in such a way so that temperature changes and pressure overloads do not cause loss in reliability. JC-CS01 sensors ensure optimal linearity across the entire range of measurement and minimize effects of hysteresis.

JC-CS01 Ceramic Pressure Transducer Features

* Low cost OEM
* Wide operable temperature range -40-135 ℃
* Compatible with corrosive media
* Small profile and easily to be welded
* Typical output:3mV/V

JC-CS01 Ceramic Pressure Transducer Application

* Pneumatic Equipment
* Hydraulic Equipment
* Medical Equipment
* Air Compressors
* Refrigeration Systems
* Battery-powered Equipment


JC-CS01 Ceramic Pressure Sensor

Product Image

JC-CS01 Ceramic Pressure Sensor

Pressure range 0~2bar…0~600bar(G)
Dimension φ18×6.35mm
Power supply 30V DC, Max.
Bridge impedance 11KΩ±30%
Zero drift ≤±0.2mV/V
Insulation resistance >2kv
Zero long-term stability @20°C ±0.2%FSO,typical.
Direct contact with liquid material 96%AL2O3
Operating temperature -40~135℃
Sored temperature -50~150℃
Temperature drift(zero+sensitivity) ≤±0.03%FS/℃(2bar~200bar);≤±0.04%FS/℃400bar & 600bar)
Accuracy(non-linear+ Hysteresis) ≤±0.3%FS
Repeatability ≤±0.1%FS
Type Pressure Range(bar) Break Pressure(*) (bar) Full Scale output (mV/V)
JC-CS01-2 0…2 4 2.0/4.0
JC-CS01-5 0…5 12.5 2.0/4.0
JC-CS01-10 0…10 25 2.0/4.0
JC-CS01-20 0…20 50 2.4/3.6
JC-CS01-30 0…30 80 1.8/3.0
JC-CS01-40 0…40 110 2.4/3.6
JC-CS01-50 0…50 125 2.4/3.6
JC-CS01-80 0…80 180 2.4/3.6
JC-CS01-100 0…100 200 2.0/3.0
JC-CS01-200 0…200 400 2.0/3.0
JC-CS01-400 0…400 600 1.8/3.0
JC-CS01-600 0…600 800 1.6/2.5
Note: 1. (*): Except for hydroxy acid Break Pressure is calibrated at normal temperature, please contact us under high or low temperature. 2. Electric connection: Pin or leads 3. Compared with the output of 25 °C in the compensation temperature range 4. Can be used for down-range, and the amplitude is controlled within ±50%FS. 5. The maximum pressure of the system should be less than the overload protection limit of the sensor, otherwise it will affect the service life of the product and damage the product. 6. The commonly used compensation method for products is 1.5mA constant current compensation. 7. Do not force to pull the pins or the leads of sensitive components. 8. Protect the isolation diaphragm at the front end of the pressure sensitive component to prevent the impact of the pressure sensitive component from damaging the sensitive component. 9. If you have special requirements on product performance parameters and functions, please contact us.

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