4-20mA Pressure Transducer / Transmitter / Sensor

4-20mA pressure transducer / transmitter / sensor an industrial measuring instrument that is modular in design and meets global OEM standards. The 4-20mA pressure sensor is stable and reliable, and has excellent cost performance. The 4-20mA pressure transmitter is rugged and durable to meet the requirements of more stringent industrial standards.

The 4-20mA pressure transmitter and sensor is widely used in industrial support, industry support and equipment support. The 4-20mA pressure sensor includes a variety of options, which are applied to different industries and different working conditions. The 4-20mA pressure transducer solves the needs for economic pressure monitoring in different occasions and serves a wide range of industries.

Jiucheng Sensor is a supplier and manufacturer specializing in the development and production of pressure transmitters and sensors, which can be customized according to customer requirements and provide manufacturer wholesale prices. Welcome to consult.

Product Video
  • Diffused Silicon Pressure Transmitter / Sensor
  • Ceramic Piezoresistive Pressure Transducer
  • RS485/CAN Digital Pressure Transmitter
Application Field
  • Machine made
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic fields
  • Pump and compressor
  • Medical industry
  • Petroleum industry
  • Food and pharmaceutical industry

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