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JC480 Intelligent Digital Pressure Gauge

JC480 intelligent digital pressure gauge is specially designed for high-end supporting customers with high standards. It uses ultra-high-precision and stable pressure sensors.
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JC480 intelligent digital pressure gauge is specially designed for high-end supporting customers with high standards. It uses ultra-high-precision and stable pressure sensors. It is a high-precision low-power intelligent pressure measuring instrument.
JC480 is equipped with a large-size LCD liquid crystal display with Dial  80mm. It has various functions such as zero reset, backlight, power on / off, unit switching, low-voltage alarm, etc. It is easy to operate and easy to install. Support optional timing acquisition data storage, support USB data export, can store up to 10,000 pieces of data. Currently passed CE 、 CPA 、 Ex explosion  and RoHS certifications.
JC480 is a high-precision pressure gauge with integrated pressure measurement and display. It has the characteristics of anti-vibration, high display accuracy, high stability, clearable, and automatic standby. Powered by battery. Due to the low-power processor chip, it has a long battery life. With automatic standby and one-click reset functions. It is easy to use and can replace mechanical pressure gauges for portable pressure measurement, equipment matching, and standard pressure calibration. Inspection equipment and other fields.


* Zero error can be cleared with one click
* 4-digit LCD screen displays pressure in real time
* Battery-powered, low-power design can last up to 12-24 months
* Can store up to 10,000 pieces of data
* USB data export function, supporting reading software
* With percentage scale, visual display of current pressure percentage
* With maximum and minimum record function, used as peak record
* Wide measuring range: from vacuum to 160MPa, display range when starting
* Wide operating temperature range, high comprehensive measurement accuracy, and good long-term stability
* The pressure value can be collected and stored regularly. The collection frequency can be set from 1 second to 9999 seconds.
* 304 stainless steel dial with an outer diameter of 80mm, Choice of axial and radial installation
* Instead of pointer precision pressure gauge, it can be used as standard pressure gauge for checking pressure products and equipment
* Excellent corrosion resistance, impact resistance, and overload, vibration and wear resistance
* One-button switching of 11 units: MPa, bar, kgf / cm2, psi, kPa, mH2O, mmHg, mbar, mmH2O,Pa,torr


* Equipment automation
* Medical equipment
* Energy and heat supply
* Pressure laboratory
* Hydraulic and pneumatic systems
* Engineering machinery
* Pump and compressor
* Instrumentation
* Mechanical electronics industry
* Replace pointer precision pressure gauge
* Water treatment system
* Acquisition, storage and analysis of wellhead pressure data in oil fields and gas fields
* City water network, natural gas network pressure data collection, storage, analysis
* Laboratory digital communication collects pressure, and realizes data storage and 
* Processing on a computer
* Portable pressure measurement, equipment supporting, calibration equipment and 
* other pressure measurement fields
JC480 Intelligent Digital Pressure Gauge
Measuring Range Micro pressure range:6kPa...10kPa...25kPa       
Medium pressure range:0.4MPa...0.6MPa...4MPa                 
High pressure range:6MPa...10MPa...25MPa                    
Ultra high pressure range:40MPa...60MPa...160MPa
Composite pressure range:-5kPa ~5kPa...10kPa...-100kPa ~1000kPa
Absolute pressure range:0~100kPa...250kPa...1000kPa            
Differential pressure range:0~10kPa...25...40...60...100...250...400...600kPa   0~1...1.6MPa   
Overload Capability 1.5 times full-scale pressure (1.1 times full-scale pressure for ≥100MPa)
Diaphragm differential pressure 200%( Positive overpressure); 100%( Negative overpressure); Single crystal silicon differential pressure 16MPa
Pressure Type Gauge pressure、Differential pressure,Absolute Pressure
Measuring Medium Gas or liquid compatible with 316 or 304 stainless steel
Accuracy ±0.2%FS      ±0.4%FS    
Long-term Stability Typical:±0.2%FS          
Working Temperature  -10~ 70℃  (High temperature can be customized)
Power Supply 2-AA batteries、 24VDC、220VAC、380VAC(customized)
Power Consumption <0.005W Battry
Dimension Diameter 80mm, Thickness 48mm
Back Light White backlight
Power Display Four-segment display
Display Digits 4-LCD display
Electromagnetic Compatibility Anti-electromagnetic interference design, in accordance with EN61326 standard
Data Memory Permanent EEPROM ,S option
Shell protection IP50(IP54+protective cover)
Weight Approx.0.3kg
Interface and Housing 304 stainless steel
Installation Interface M20*1.5male   G1/4male  NPT1/4male
Battery replacement The battery is usually replaced every 12--24 months (based on actual power consumption)
Features 1. Power on / off 2. One-click reset 3. Maximum and minimum recording function 4. Backlight 5. Unit switching
Certificate CE    CPA    RoHS    Intrinsically Explosion-proof   (Optional)
Model :JC480
Technical Parameter Code Description
Pressure Type G Gauge Pressure、Negative pressure
A Absolute pressure
D Differential Pressure
Pressure Range   0~ X    E.g 0~1MPa
Accuracy 1 ±0.4%FS
2 ±0.2%FS
Power Supply V1 Battery
V2 24VDC   
V3 220VAC  
Dial Size D2 80mm
Pressure Connection F1 M20x1.5 male thread
F2 G1/4 male thread
F0 Customized
Installation Structure J Radial installation (default)
Z Axial installation(Power supply)
Additional Selection  S With recording function
P Flush film manometer structure
R Anti-corrosion
E Intrinsically Explosion-proof 
T Customized

Model selection example: JC480G(0~1MPa)-1 -V2-D2-F2-J-S
Parameter description: JC480 Intelligent digital pressure gauge;Range:0-1MPa gauge type;Accuracy:0.5%FS;Power Supply:24VDC ;Dial Dimensions:80mm;Pressure connection:G1/4male thread;Installation: Radial installation; With recording function.

Selection tips:

1. Axial installation requires power supply such as 24VDC
2. The Measuring Medium should be compatible with the product materials in contact.
3. There may be unsupported product options, please consult the engineer
4. Battery-powered products are LCD, no signal output option 
5. For other special requirements, please consult with the company and indicate in the order
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